The Diablo Glass School Residency

Musical Instrument Design: a study in glass with Nate Tucker

Percussionist and Composer, Nate Tucker, takes on instrument design residency at Diablo. During the 2016-2017 season, we will explore designing new instruments in glass. Taking influence from percussion instruments from around the world, unique instrument design. Nate will be working with our community studying original design and producing collective designs to play with.

Stay tuned to get your spot in the fall, winter and spring sessions!

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Percussionist and composer, NATE TUCKER, was recently featured in American Repertory Theater's (ART's) The Tempest as on stage musician and assistant instrument designer performing in a 4 piece band of all Tom Waits music. Also at the ART, he performed in Finding Neverland, music by Elliot Kennedy and Gary Barlow, as well as Natasha, Pierre, and the Comet of 1812, adaptation of War and Peace by Dave Malloy. Mr. Tucker is the Music Director and Composer for Mt. Auburn Cemetery's A Glimpse Beyond and can be heard performing with the world-renowned contemporary music ensemble, Juventas, as core percussionist, as well as pop and world music groups including Flamenco Boston.

As a composer Mr. Tucker's interests are in exploring the gap between contemporary, pop and world music. Mr. Tucker released his first full-length album Off Grid, on September 2015, at Boston Center for the Arts. Mr. Tucker was commissioned to compose and sound design scores for FINISH LINE: the Untold Stories of the 2013 Boston Marathon and Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing with The Boston Theater Company.

When not performing or composing, Nate Tucker can be seen as a dance/theater accompanist, music educator, and clinician, having worked at schools around the world ranging from musicians of the highest caliber at Interlochen and Amsterdam Conservatory to dozens of local intercity school children around the New England area, through Boston Ballet's outreach programs.

The Residency.

During the Fall Nate will start working with our professional glass artists looking into instruments built in the past and developing their intention in glass. Some more typical glass designs, such as Glass Harmonicas, famously designed in the past by inventors such as Benjamin Franklin as well as typical instruments found in Africa with gourd or wood design and developing for glass to create new harmonic and melodic possibilities.

In the Spring, Nate will be teaching a workshop for the members of our community interested in working on a Collective Design. Students will learn how to design instruments, important ratios to derive pitches for music notes and creative sound possibilities. There will be multiple opportunities designing instruments and turning them into reality. The best and final products will be used to create music and perform in public.

Workshop dates and registration to come soon!

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Working with glass has been amazing. It's unlike anything I've ever build instruments out of. Primarily working with wood or metal in the past, glass has an entirely different concept of resonance. Glass' sensitivity to vibrations, being durable and fragile sometimes simultaneously is like nothing else I've worked with.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston